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Disney Tangled Golden Flower

Finished Disney Tangled Magical Golden Flower


I am obsessed with Tangled. I absolutely love that movie, especially Pascal. Since my Gecko Green VW New Beetle, Pascal, is Tangled theme, I decided nothing would be more appropriately then to put a Tangled magic golden flower in the bud vase.

I started looking at other peoples flowers on google, and was not satisfied with how they looked. The flower glows after all! It can’t be that hard to make a magic golden flower that appears to glow…right?

The cool thing is that once you make the flower, you can use it for lots of different things. Glue it to a clip to make a Tangled golden flower hair clip, Attach it to a pin to make a Rapunzel golden flower accessory for belts, scarves, shirts, or hats, add to a centerpiece for a Tangled birthday party or wedding, place on top of  Tangled birthday cake, etc. The possibilities are truly endless!

A note about the supplies. When picking a fake flower to use to create the Tangled golden flower, be sure to choose a yellow lily with 6 petals. Some people claim an Asian lisly is the closest to the golden flower, however, you will noticed that the golden flower does not have brown spots on it like the Asian. Since we are painting the flower, these will likely get covered. However, if you do not want to risk seeing those through the paint, I would suggest getting a plain yellow lily with nothing on the leaf. I got a whole bunch at Joann’s to experiment on for like $6 – not too bad.


Yellow Lily (see note above)

  • Arcylic paint in the following colors (these are FolkArt brand colors, so name may vary if you buy a different brand):
    • Eggplant
    • Morning Sun
    • Orange
    • Ice Crystal (iridescent glitter that goes on white but dries CLEAR)
    • Gold Metallic

Gold flower wire – cut into 3 pieces: 9”, 6”, and 3”
Loose iridescent glitter, large
Small angled brush
Small round brush
Needlenose pliers
Paper plate
Hot glue gun

How to Make Tangled Magic Gold Flower

Start with a plain yellow lily fake flower


Step 1. Cut out the stamen from the center of the lily

Paint purple on inside of yellow lily


Step 2. Paint the inside of one of the petals using the angle brush with the Eggplant (purple) paint. Create a small triangle of purple about 1/3 of the way up.

Add orange to center of yellow lily petals


Step 3. Before the purple dries completely, rinse the brush out, pat dry, and paint around the purple with the Orange paint mixed with the gold metallic. With the orange paint, create flame like strokes using the thin line of the brush in sweeping strokes up the petal. Do this all around the purple.

Step 4. Before the Orange dries completely, rinse the brush out, pat dry, and using the Eggplant (purple) paint more purple until half way up the petal, blending it with the orange a bit so it looks natural.

Add golden tones to yellow lily


Step 5. Repeat step 3 with Orange paint mixed with the gold metallic on same petal

Finish each petal in the same fashion


Step 6. Repeat steps 2-5 on the other 5 petals. When done, let all petals dry completely.

Step 7. When the petals are dry, take the round brush and completely cover the flower with the Ice Crystal paint, including the outside of the flowers. Let dry and paint a second coat.

use wire to create golden stamen

STEP 8 & 9

Step 8. Take the 3 pieces of wire and using the needlenose pliers wrap the ends of the wires into spirals. The 3” one should be in a very tight curl.

Step 9. Pour loose glitter onto a paper plate. Using the round brush, paint the wire Morning Sun (yellow) and immediately dip in the glitter, both sides. Let dry thoroughly.

Step 10. Using the hot glue gun, glue the wire into the middle of the flower.

Finished Disney Tangled Magical Golden Flower


I am still trying to find a way to fiber optic this flower – If I do, I will post an update so check back!

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